I was just thinking about some of the films I've worked on in the past for film competitions. All the films below were directed by Ryan Wood and I shot them. I figured I'd start a thread and post some competition films I've done and encourage others to post films they have done for competitions as well. Feel free to also comment and critique.

This is a film I shot in in 2010 for a Minnesota local film competition called the 50/50 Film Challenge. You had 50 hours to write, 50 hours to shot and edit, and the winner of the competition took home 50% of the box office during the screenings.

Gordon Evolution (2010, HPX170/Letus Ultimate, 1st place and won about $900):

These next three films were shot for Z-Fest, another Minnesota local film competition. The rules for this film competition has changed over the years and I don't quite remember exactly all the rules implemented for each film. I think we had about a month to write and about 1 week to shoot and edit, but that's all I remember. There were all sorts of prizes like software, camera gear, computer hardware, and money. Usually the first 4 or 5 places won something. There were lots of sponsors and you could win extra money for plugging some of the sponsors in your films

Prince Breakup (2011, AG-AF100, 2nd place and won Avid Media Composer 5 and sold on eBay)

Lens Helper (2012, AG-AF100, 3rd place and won Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium and sold on eBay)

OneSmallProblem.com (2013, C100/Hyperdeck Shuttle 2, 3rd place and won Avid Media Composer 6 and sold on eBay)

Please post some of your competition films