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    I've been using the Newer Technology Voyager Q to read my BMC's SSD cards. I'm upgrading to a Mac Pro and need to upgrade the reader to one that has a Thunderbolt connection. Any recommendations?
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    Like many, I use the Seagate adapter. Mine came with a drive, but it's available bare as well:
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    Thanks, this looks perfect.
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    I also use the segate. Works Great. Word of warning, thou, first make sure you put a rubber band around the unit, then put a drive on. That will keep the drive from flapping. The second, is if you plan on using it for longer than just off loading your footage, it needs to cooled. I use a little usb fan to cool it and my macbook pro retina while traveling.

    If you use it for long periods of time, and do not cool it, it will start randomly dismounting.
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    Thanks for the tips as I just bought one from B&Hphoto.
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    Thanks guys, what a great community!

    I bought the Seagate. I also bought a LaCie eStata to thunderbolt device for SSD import but also to connect my old array.
    $175. At BH Photo. I always shoot two BMC's. This will allow me to import both SSD's at the same time plus my 5T eSata array can be a backup. I got also got a Promise Pegasus 8 T array.

    Learned a great thing p, by purchasing Apple products as a business through their business division which is inside their store you can get a 6% discount. Nice! I hope this saves everybody some serious money.
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