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Indeed, a clean look is quite easily accomplished. Btw did you grade the BTS of the BMD short movie?
Yes, and i actually graded it using this LUT i'm gonna put out.

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Would love to have some sort of "inbetween" LUT (if that makes sense) that brings the Ursa material in the same ballpark (color/curve and gamma wise) as the material from the 2.4k/pocket, to make it match more easy.

In a perfect world, I would hope to see a "match old BMD" option, in addition to the 709 and 4.6k options in the raw tab.
Have you tried using Resolve's color managed timeline and setting it to BMDFilm for all the clips? It should get you "closer".

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Did this ever get a v1 release under any of the new names being thrown about in this thread? or is v.0.8 the latest?
No, i started to work for BM during it and become too busy with "other" things.
Plus, feedback on it started to die off so the first post has the two latest versions.