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    Hiya just a quick question, I'm trying to get a rough idea, how many of these 4K cameras CVP are shipping at the moment, just waiting for some payments to come in and hopefully will be before CVP ring. I ordered it in april on the NAB announcement morning, and was curious if any of you guys had taken hold of your 4K order from CVP and when you ordered?
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    The guy at CVP stand at BVE said they had so many orders he hadn't even had the chance to see one at their office as they all had to go out. My friend ordered his from 3Dbroadcastsales a week or two after the pre-orders began and it came already. He declined it as unimpressed with footage and took his money back. If it is anything like the BMCC deliveries Blackmagic appeared to send equal amounts to distributors, so a dealer like CVP will take a while to fill their orders.
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