Thread: Newbie to power solutions - will this combo work?

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    Hi all

    Got my BMCC MFT this week and got everything I need but a battery solution (thanks to everybody on this forum for your wisdom on lens adapters, tripods, SSD and so on!)

    I'm looking at gold mount batteries from Globalmediapro:

    and this dynacore power adaptor:

    + this d-tap cable:

    I know Globalmediapro can be a bit funky and you can't contact them unless you ordered something. So I hope someone here can tell me if there is any reason why this combo would not work.

    All the best
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    Try this kit:

    I bought the 95wh starter Kit and an extra battery, has worked very well (I get about 4.5-6 hrs). A lot of people seem to be happy with there stuff, I have dealt with them a few times and they have been sound.
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