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    Alex sent out this news announcement in mid July:

    Datamaster announcement.jpg

    I have switched to a mostly cineform DI post workflow, so Raw4Pro and Footage Studio 4k for transcoding non-raw formats are extremely valuable if not indispensable utilities to me. Not really into parsing FFMPEG or FFMBC command strings. Pretty much down to just these two plus Resolve and Lightworks on the video side. Resolve will write Cineform if you install the free GoPro studio app for the codecs.
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    Thanks Razz16mm for putting that up. Never got that message and have no idea why it isn't on the front page of the website. He could also have replied to my e-mails. Well hey ho. That clarifies a few things. He has probably lost me as a customer but if he cares the door is still slightly open if he reaches out to me as he should to any customer who has an issue.
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    Well, well well. Sometimes in life one gets pleasantly surprised and I am pleased to say that the release of RAW4PRO 5.3 has resolved all my gripes. Yes every single one!! Well done Alex and thanks for listening!!!!!!!!You have won me back as a customer.

    This is the promotion e-mail I received a couple of days ago. Seriously stoked!!!! Bought, downloaded and I can confirm it works a treat.


    Upgrade from your existing registered or Demo version to the newest RAW 4 PRO Easy Edition v5.3, and enjoy these never-before-offered benefits:

    - get UNLIMITED installations on any number of PCs within your network - speed up your processing

    - get a FLOATING license - uninstall from one PC and install on another without a problem, regardless of whether you upgrade your computer or change the workstations completely! (all other versions or RAW 4 PRO are only licensed per-seat)

    - v5.3 is NO LONGER dependent on the Internet connection for registration or re-installation! Install or re-install this v5.3 any number of times, whether you are connected OR working in the middle of nowhere - no problem either way! (Also great for the organizations that are prohibited from direct internet connections due to security concerns, company policies, etc.) V5.3 is the ONLY version of RAW 4 PRO with this feature.

    - Immediate delivery by email after you make a successful payment

    Just download the installer, then Right-click and Run As Admin.
    Note: we can output Cineform RAW - not even Adobe CC or DaVinci could do this, they only output debayered Cineform at best. We gladly offer you this functionality, thanks to Cineform for RAW 4 PRO
    Of course, RAW 4 PRO can also output to H264, DNxHD (automatic adjustment to your source, so the quality is always optimal!), or ProRes (on Windows!)

    This RAW 4 PRO Easy Edition v5.3 is offered at a very special low price of

    just $29.99

    for one week starting Dec 18th. After that, the price will go up to the normal $189.99. Take advantage and buy now.
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