So I emailed BM on the NEW SanDisk EP II SSD cards. I C/P the response below:
Hello Bryant,

My apologies for overlooking the question on the SSDs. On our support site, you can find the information on certified SSDs.

As of right now, the SanDisk Extreme Pro II is not approved, though it is being tested, even as I type this. They are having issues at them moment.

One of the issues is the 7mm slim size. Even with the adapter attached, it is not fitting securely into the SSD slot and maintaining a good connection. The Extreme I was a 9.5" card and fit perfectly.

They do keep the list updated. If a card is not on that list, we cannot guarantee it will work with our cameras and equipment.

Best Regards,

Jen Winslow
Support Representative
Blackmagic Design, Inc.