But before I get to that. I have a serious issue that only my fellow masters of Blackmagic can help me with.
Yes, I've watched the Juicelink videos. Yes, I have the latest firmware. I'm still having issues!

Every time I playback my footage, I'm getting a hiss and a high noise threshold. Like, the audio will be at -12db and it'll be 90% hiss. Do you get "bass pops" when you stop playback too? So, I'm left to go into the advanced audio equalizer and pull down those hz frequencies - which only helps mostly and I'm left with a hallow voice track.

Am I doing something wrong or does this camera not record audio well????

I'm especially frustrated becasue I've got a sick audio setup that would be great if I just solved this little issue. Just so you know, I'm experiencing the same issue even when I use my 2-channel Rolls field mixer. Wait, maybe that was with the old firmware... hmmm. I guess I'm trying to find out if this is a common issue.

Have you experienced these symptoms?

In exchange for your help, may I present to you my DIY EXTREMELY LOW COST mini-preamp AND wireless monitoring solution:

Audio Setup.jpgAudio Setup2.jpg