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    Found this on a blog:

    "Chances are high that we are experiencing the BMCC at full production. The BMCC is a boutique camera -- limited, unique and upscale. The possibility that BMD is geared for massive production of a boutique camera, or any camera, is quite low. Not to mention it wouldn't have made much business sense to invest in large-scale production of a brand new, dark horse product. Large scale production requires expensive hardware and facilities that're primed to build and assemble specific components; at a rate of at least several hundred a day. BMD had to keep things small and within the realm of calculated risk. Unfortunately for pre-orders and new-orders, this means there will never be the long awaited "flood."

    Even with sensors shipping from the supplier BMD can probably only produce several hundred cameras a month. Once they get rid of their back orders, supply will no doubt start to even out as long as demand for the BMCC stays manageable or they expand their facilities. Most likely, retailers will be able to stock the camera on their shelves, but when that happens depends on how many pre-orders are left to be filled.

    This could explain the delay on the MFT. The boutique nature of production means they can only make one type of camera at a time. Making a run of MFT mounts could require a lengthy refitting of the manufacturing facilities and BMD doesn't really have time on their side to do that. They need to get cameras out as fast as possible.

    The reality of being able to order a BMCC and receive it within a week is still quite some time away. BMD no doubt needs all the pre-order money it can get which could explain why production expectations and deadlines are so deeply tucked away in shadow. I'm crossing my fingers for BMD and can't wait to get my own BMCC, but the wait is killing me.

    This is all theory, but has acted as a sort of therapy for me and I think it makes a lot of sense. Hopefully it does the same for you."

    - Raja Jones

    Interesting stuff!
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    I'm sure it's true that the demand for the camera exceeded the expectations of BMD. But I'm less confidant that demand exceeded expectations by a hundred fold as you might infer from a massively successful product designed to be a boutique toy for some elite market niche. I think that the sensor delay has given BMD time to adjust their expectations and a plan for any production line retooling that may be needed after they reset their expectations. I don't think the unexpected demand is a one-time blimp that will dramatically go back to boutique levels once the back orders are filled if the camera works as advertised. There are likely lots of people who are just not comfortable with per-ordering any item, an unknown item, an unproven item or an immature item that this first attempt (BMCC EF) represents. The preorders for the BMCC MFT will also cause another blimp in demand as well as any second generation versions in the future. But once the camera is seen to be generally available and in use, then there's a very large segment of the population used to buying high-end video cameras from our favourite established professional and prosumer vendors who will become well aware of the BMCC and it could easily lead to a steady stream of demand at more than boutique levels. The picture I'm painting is in contrast to the well thought out original post and time will tell which view prevails. It makes sense to me that BMD understands both perspectives and has bet on the optimistic view. If the optimistic view proves correct, it will be because of word-of-mouth and buzz about how great the camera is for the money (even if you are using one of the compressed codecs).

    Right now I'd say the pessimistic view is winning as the teething problems they are having with their baby are threatening to sink their early goodwill. Tread carefully, but we need to be accurate, fair and measured in our criticism as problems arise or we shall help to sink the ship instead of to keep it afloat. And then we all lose.
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