J.F.R, this post is with reference to the Rodney Charters thread, and thought I would post in here to stay on the moire topic I wish to discuss further with you and other members, and perhaps revive in this thread. I do not currently use Resolve as my main post colour and grading tool/app, and perhaps you may be in a similar situation to me, so perhaps this thread is not the right place to ask you about your experience with moire and how you deal with it in post, if at all?

I have watched some of your music productions, great looking content and post colour work. Have you used the 5D on client based music projects and encountered the moire issue in your shots, and if so, have you abandoned the shot, or fixed it in post? If a post fix, care to share any techniques? If Resolve is not your app of choice, perhaps we may need to take this discussion to another area in the forum. I am not currently using Resolve other than slowly getting familiar with the Lite version, and I prefer to work from within my Premiere, and limited use of AE. I have a licence for Neat in Premiere, which provides a possible method to try and tame moire, as discussed and samples presented in this thread.

I am also curious if filters to some extent do what an OLPF can do? I have not seen any tests to use an alternate filter to an OLPF to try and tame moire. I am not suggesting front filter will do a similar job to a specific filter like the OLPF at the end of the optics chain. CaptainHook has the GlimmerGlass 1 (GG1) which may help moire in some situations? I am sold on grabbing a GG1 to add to my filter kit. I went to order a GG1 in 82mm, to match my run and gun filter set, and the anticipated wait was about 10 weeks. I did not order it, instead purchasing the things I needed for the BMPCC. GG1 is not a popular build in 82mm. I will purchase a GG1 if the BMPC 4K does not appeal to me when I see some sample footage, and then purchase the BMCC in MFT. I have various 4x4 diffusion type filters also, however, since I don't have a 5D or BMCC, I can't really test specifically for attempting to tame moire. J.F.R, I am interested to hear some of your feedback regarding dealing with moire issues in footage that you may encounter when using a camera like the 5D in your music video productions? Thank you.