Thread: Just wondering, has anyone tried homebrewing a camera like this using streampix?

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  1. #1 Just wondering, has anyone tried homebrewing a camera like this using streampix? 
    Streampix is about $1500, and prosilica camera is about $2500, and will capture 12 bit raw. I know it's not a BMCC, but it is readily available. You would have to use a laptop to capture, I said...availability is key. Streampix can capture to cineform, so you could theoretically grade it in cineform studio.

    Just a thought...I have talked to the Allied Vision guys (makers of the prosilica cameras) and they are helpful. To date they have not sent me a test unit to establish the viability, however
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    This has been done for many years by Cesar Rubio over seven years ago. he used Streampix to control Prosilica and other cameras.

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    Now that is super cool to know! I have been looking into it, and I think it is possible, but it's hard to believe someone hasn't put up a definitive attempt online.
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    I tried building camera using sumix SMX-12A2C sensor and put it in a arri 2c house. Captures to laptop using streampix to cineform raw
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    How was the quality?
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    How much does streampix cost? And why is norpix so obtuse about its pricing?
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    The sensor needed alot of light and was hard to get good looking colours
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    I believe streampix is $1500...definitely a strike against it. On the other hand, this method would seem to allow future proofing...your software and computer hardware would be established, and as new machine cameras come out, you would swap it out. The best price i've come up with is 4200$ including a mac mini to run streampix (via bootcamp with windows xp), but you can order those parts off the shelf today.
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    Now this is interesting. On Norpix website, they show the Smallpix 2, a custom windows 7 pc that is about 5x7 inches. It has room for 2 ssd. The product literature says it comes with streampix. If this is true, all one would need would be that small pc as a capture tool, and a machine camera capable of delivering raw video at hd resolution, at your desired frame rate. The computer lists for $2500. Now that is a little pricey, but it IS a core 7 with 4gb of ram. It could serve double duty as a portable workstation as well. The graphics card is nothing special, however.

    It would seem you could combine a machine camera and the smallpix into a handheld unit with an integrated diy steadicam.

    You would need to add one of those lilliput monitors with the focus peaking in order to have any visual feedback.
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