Hey all,

So I just got an Ursa Mini Pro G2. Love it. Just playing around with it at the moment.

Love the push button for HFR. A question. I currently just have a Samsung 2tb T5 hooked up while I wait for the SSD recorder to come in.

I was testing 3:1 and 5:1 BRAW in 25 and 30 fps. No problems.

When I switch to HFR 120fps (I'm told the max for stable framerate is 8:1, which is fine).

But when I switch the HFR it doesn't automatically change the compression to 8:1. It stays on 3:1 and works for a few seconds before dropping a frame and stopping recording.

Is there a way to set it to record 5:1 (for example) in standard frame rate and switch to 8:1 when I hit the HFR button??

TBH 8:1 is probably where I'll be for most corporate work (even 12:1... dunno need to test) but would like to know if this is possible???

Although it's definitely a faster change on the Ursa, this is something RED does well where if you increase the frame rate it automatically increases the compression to the max it can do if you have it set on a lower compression in standard framerate mode.