Thread: Just tested braw in Premiere pro cc .... who else is switching?

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  1. #1 Just tested braw in Premiere pro cc .... who else is switching? 
    Ive been shooting pretty much prores only as i am super proficient in Premiere Pro cc and just can't switch NLE's at the moment due to the amount of work I have that is currently heavily in premiere. U just tried some footage from a short film I shot a few months back that was all in braw and all I can say is that now im switching! I will say editing the raw footage is not as easy in premiere as it is in resolve (which I do use to color occasionally just not edit).
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    switched to raw 4 years ago. Swithed to Resolve 2 years ago.

    I got problems with Adobe since they decided this "Suite" thing. Release verythign at once. Premiere, AE, Photoshop.
    Frpm 500 MB to 4 GB install.exe. And it takes up 30 Minutes to install. And this stupid "cloud" concept. Pay per month.
    crashes all the time. etc.

    With the latest Resolve versions the CUT and EDIT page is just amazing. Resolve is fast, stable.
    I love the GPU rendering and rendering page. I mean. Adobes Media Encoder is just a mess. 1000 formats in one list.
    Well the GUI is just terribel.
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    I switched to RAW and Resolve when I received my p4k. To my eyes, lightly-compressed RAW made a HUGE difference.
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    switching NLEs or switching from shooting pro-res to BRAW?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan K View Post
    switching NLEs or switching from shooting pro-res to BRAW?
    As I said in my post I am not switching NLE's because I have too many projects already heavily edited in premiere and cannot afford the time at the moment to learn a new NLE. So I am switching from pro-res to BRAW. If everyone on these projects was using davinci maybe it would be another story but everyone is on adobe so its easy to collaborate with everyone using the same NLE.
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    I never liked ProRes when I had RAW as an option.

    I think BRAW over ProRes is a no-brainer.
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    Well I tried it. Really made me appreciate node based files. No where near the detail of Resolve.

    But you can basically adjust the color of BRAW files, so that's a plus. Like everything I'm sure with time I'll get better at it.

    I've been in a weird space where I'm cutting half Premiere and half Resolve. I do like that Premiere links so many other disciplines that we use. It's also easier for our teams. But the color looks so much better from Resolve. And for simple cutting… well I'm getting better with it.
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    I just cut something again in Premiere for a change for a client, and dang I do miss resolve. (only thing I miss from from Premiere are the endless templates, warp stabilizer and text effects)
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