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    So firstly this just an idle vid . I was in Cali some months back and I've always wanted to test the atlas lenses since we have NO anamophics here in Jamaica. I also hardly see any UMP and Atlas footage and because of that I let this video be kinda long. My friend works at Evidence studios and they allowed me to mess around with them for a bit. This aint no Cooke anamorphic (that has spoilt me) but its a decent look. I also added some grain to this. No music...just wanted to focus on the visuals.

    Shot on the UMP G1 in Braw QO. Shot mostly on the 40mm but there are some 65mm shots in there also.
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    Nice video. The lens seems to perform quite exquisite. How is the built? Is it easy to focus? I believe the hardest part of any Anamorphic lens would be the focusing and sharpness.

    Did you have the chance to use it under low light? That footage was shot at what T reading?

    Thanks for sharing anyway and hope you enjoy your UMP too.
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    Good Day,

    I was able to lock in these lenses for a music video last month. I pulled together a little test shoot the day before with a friend of mine. She wanted to make a video for her sponsor, and I wanted to test the flaring, so we hit the beach. After the first shot, she loved the flares and wanted them throughout the video. I apologize in advance for JJing up this video with flares.

    Shot on the UMP G1 with an Atlas 40mm. A few shots had a +2 diopter on them. Codec was Braw 3k Q0. Graded in Resolve 16.1
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