Two weeks ago I shot a baptism video for a couple that was also celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary, so I suggested them we should do a video that would somehow join both realities: from dating to family.

I'm taking the opportunity to kind of show you guys how I approached this. I'm much more of a narrative and film guy, but I ocasionally do these jobs to pay for the gear I invest in. And this felt like an opportunity to film a story, rather than the usual baptism "pretty pictures" kind of thing...

So here's what I did:

1 - Interviews:

Started with interviewing the couple to ask them how they met, how he proposed, etc. Used some old photos of them (which I asked in advance) to move the story they were telling me. I won't paste that part here, because it's mostly intimate to the couple and it's also spoken in portuguese, so most of you wouldn't understand anyway lol.

2 - Dating and family:

I shot a few random shots of them playing with their two daughters while also sharing boyfriend and girlfriend moments. I wanted to make it look "random" and natural, which I antecipated it would be pretty hard for non actors. But they actually pulled it off much better than I thought!

Here's that segment:


3 - Church and bath

This is the montage I decided to do because it felt right. Almost like a preparation for something.


4 - The baptism

This is the montage for ths ceremony. The first minute or so is portuguese, but then the montage begins.


5 - Party

Self explanatory.


6 - Final interviews.

I ended the video by interviewing their oldest daughter and the godfather and godmother. It was kind of a pretty wrap up. I won't paste that for the same reason as point 1.

Hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to comment and share your own experience.