Thread: Quality Nikon F mount adapter for Pocket 6k?

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  1. #1 Quality Nikon F mount adapter for Pocket 6k? 
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    To cut to the chase, i'm basically confused about lens adapters for Nikon-F to EF mount and whether or not the camera will be able to adjust the aperture internally. I have a Sigma 18-35 and a Tokina 11-16. I've used them on a Pocket and Pocket 4 with MB Speedboosters with manual aperture adjustment but I noticed that a lot of the Nikon-f to EF mount adapters don't have aperture adjustment rings. Does the adapter properly pass through aperture adjustment controls to the camera with something like the Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter or do I need another adapter for this task?

    I'd rather not sell my Nikon F lenses in exchange for Canon's so a relatively inexpensive adapter would be ideal. Thank you for any help you can offer.
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    No, all Nik F to EF adapare either mechanical iris contro (Nik G lenses) or have no iris control option (majority) as all of the original Nikon F lenses had a iris control ring, which us quicker to use. All the Zeiss ZF series have an iris ring. Only the newer Nikon G lenses lack a iris ring, so an adapter like the Fotox G Pro adapter have a iris control lever to set the iris, but no f/stop scale. Also for high end, the Novoflex EOS/NIK-NT Lens Adapter allows a Nikon G type (no manual aperture ring) lens to be mounted onto Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras and BMD EF cameras like the Pocket 6K. The adapter is equipped with an integrated aperture control ring for manual exposure control, and is the easiest one to use.

    That said the newer Nikon Electronic lenses will not work.
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    I have several of the Fotodiox adapters and they work fine. No problems except they can be hard to get off the lenses sometimes.

    I also got one of the NovoFlex adapters with the iris control thing. It works fine, it's just really narrow. So if you have big giant gorilla fingers it might be tough to manipulate the little ring tab.
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