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    Hello there,
    Just got a bmpcc4k and I have a video shoot planned. The artist wants to shoot in studio on a cyc wall...but wants the wall to change colors without putting the budget to have it painted (she wants multiple colors). I was thinking if you guys had any tips on how to flood a white cyc wall with solid colors? Tips, ideas, suggestions are all welcome... Pre-planning stage!

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    A couple Skypanels over DMX?
    Aaron Lochert
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    I thing Aaron's suggestion is on point. If your budget or crew aren't up t that approach then I'd be tempted to paint the wall a single color (either with actual paint or with colored/geled light) and shift the color in post by pulling a key. It presents challenges but there's always a trade off no mater how you do it.
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    Depends on the intended look. If you want primary colours, or to look actually different paint colour then keying is probably best bet. If washing the cyc with coloured light is fine then gels on par cans through a traditional dimmer pack might be more budget friendly than rgb sky pans. Lots of options.
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    Two options for on the cheap...

    1. Paint wall one solid color and in post key the wall with different colors throughout the timeline.

    2. Colored or RGB Par Cans (many) controlled by DMX board.
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    Man, my lights I sell are the right tool for this job. Cheaper than a skypanel but still probably out of reach. You can change color with the remote or even with an app on your phone...
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    Hey all, thanks so much for chiming in.
    I haven't given painting the wall a color and then keying it off a thought but it is an interesting suggestion. I am afraid the colors will not look as punchy and "dense" as the painted version... I have to test it out to see if it works.

    As for lighting the cyc wall (skypanels), I have to find a way to light the cyc with a tiny maybe par cans.

    Aside from the budget though, I am afraid the lights will bleed on the skin? I want to preserve skin colors and flood the background and floor if that makes sense (not like this: ) . I do this using vflat panels in photography...

    Again thanks a bunch guys!
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