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    Quote Originally Posted by razz16mm View Post
    I'm following Komodo development with interest. Here is what we know about it so far:

    6K resolution, most likely 6120x3600 2:1 Red format. Size not known yet but the most likely format is Gemini size S35+ built on the same 5 micron pixel size as Monstro. (it is not a Monstro sensor, the power and thermal envelope is much lower)
    It uses Canon BP batteries, two slots, that can be hot swapped while shooting.
    It uses C-fast media
    It has at least 4k SDI out
    It is not a modular platform like DSMC2. Still waiting to see what other ports it has other than SDI, mini-jack audio in and Headphone out and a LEMO type aux port with unknown functions. Hoping for a USB-C/TB3 port.
    It has a Canon RC mount with electronic lens controls
    A Hydrogen phone will likely play some role in its operation, but the integration between the two is unknown at this point. The phone does not dock to the camera. I has no onboard controls or displays other than a power switch and record button that we have seen so far, but one side has yet to be revealed.
    Soderbergh is shooting a feature with one of the field test prototypes.

    I'm interested because I have everything I need in the kit to support it already except the camera body (and phone), an RCP to Minolta MD mount adapter, and C-fast media if USB-C SSD is not an option. Canon BP batteries and a Beachtek audio preamp from my old Canon camcorder kit will serve nicely.

    Does it bring anything new to the table? The BMPCC6K is already here and shipping, costs $2,500 (less then half the price) with a monitor and dosen't need a specific overpriced but mediocre phone to work (although it can be controlled remotely by any bluetooth phone / tablet on the market). Yes the Canon RF mount is nice, although you need to factor the price of adapters etc, and native RF lenses are hideously expensive - but otherwise, it just hype - the kind RED are known for.

    Unless this thing has some mind blowing dynamic range, I can't see what the fuss is about, honestly. But RED would never release a camera costing a fifth or a sixth of the price of their comparable camera - and give it better specs. That would make their $30k+ cameras instantly obsolete and piss off their customers even more then the Red Mag fraud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAWlover View Post
    14 stops of DR with a global shutter in 2008.
    We're still not there yet.
    They can be found for $5k on e-bay these days - although the condition and remaining lifespan is unknown. Saw several multi million features filmed with it (or the Genesis - the Panavision version) and the picture was (and still is) outstanding. It's a crying shame Sony didn't use and develop the CCD technology they invented for the F35 further - but I figure it was a dead end commercially, with each sensor probably costings several times more then what the F35 sells for today second hand.
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