Thread: Suggestions shooting might scenes with BMCC 2.5K

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    I'm going to shoot a music video that's going to be shot mostly at night. On the beach, in a car, etc.
    Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Light your set for this camera and shoot at native ISO. It's all about lighting.
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    Light and rigging are really important.

    Light, because it really isnīt a lowlight champ, so bring some flexible lighting options to the set.
    Rigging, because the formfactor isnīt the best and a good rig/tripod helps a lot.

    And keep in mind, that the crop factor of the BMCC is 2.28, so if you want to go wide, your options are kinda limited.
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    If you have the MFT mount, you can use/rent a Speed Booster if possible.
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    If you don't have the option to light, regardless of why, the bmcc is really the wrong camera for the job.

    Consider renting something with low-light ability like a sony a7sii.
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