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    What about the fuji xpro 1 I 've seen it used for $300, what I don't know is how well is the focus with manual lenses throu the optical viewfinder.
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    Agreed. The only downside to the HD fairchild sensor in those cameras is that their character is quite unique and baked in. It can be hard to match them with more modern cine cameras.

    Granted it's even harder to match a cheap dslr XD, but the point still stands
    I actually find it's the easiest camera to match with others. Once tried to match JVC and Sony small sensor cameras and gave up after wasting hours, on the other hand the BMPCC will match Canon and Sony DSLRs pretty easily from my experience. A keen eye will still spot the difference but cutting between cameras will often be seemless.
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    I think the BMCC and BMPC are easier to match to modern day cameras because they are super-sampled.

    In a fast-paced edit no one would notice, especially while playing back the final product on a phone, but the pocket has that distinct Super16 look because its resolution is quite low. It looks great to us, but the image is pretty dated coming from a 1080 chip. You need a higher-quality starting point...even for the 2K image that the 3.4K-ish ALEV III sensor produces for the ALEXA.
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    The XC10 is 700-800 on eBay. Some restrictions, for sure, but a few good tricks including great stabilised lens and generous codec.
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