Thread: Everything you need to know about RED Minimags and probably others

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Pears View Post
    He’s talking about Jannard’s deposition.

    I got half way through last night and will finish today. Certainly continues to be an interesting watch.
    Some of those can be available to the public too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mico View Post
    Part 3 is up and it’s HUGE: I’ll never touch a red camera again, seems billionaires are,as expected, bully’s. Red needs to sell the company so someone can clean house or let Blackmagic take them out of the game completely.
    Looks like Apple should have employed the JiniMag guy (author of the video above) to guide them in waging war against RED.... the pendulum is swinging in RED's favour it seems. Apple's request to inspect the two RED prototype cameras as well as other material was firmly denied. Seeing the RED guy's deposition, it was obvious he was measuring his words and avoiding tripping up in his own lies.... but maybe too much time has elapsed since RED filed their patent - and it's now become impossibly hard to disprove it.
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