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    A few years ago I shot a piece with one of these. It featured ballet dancers set against a choreographed equestrian thing, and the global shutter MADE THE FOOTAGE.
    It looked beautiful and perfect. The subtleties of the motion with subject material like that was obviously extremely important. The b-cam was a Sony FS-700 and we all decided it looked unusable cut between the Production Camera's footage. If the quality of motion of moving elements in your shot is important, a global shutter can make an enormous difference.
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    Update: I ended up falling in love again with this camera (so simple and beautiful) and used it for a short project. I also sent it to Blackmagic in California to replace the internal battery and they cleaned the sensor/replaced the IR glass and checked for any other issues as well.

    I am happy to provide any and all paperwork. Now it's a SUPER fresh camera as if it was 2014. This is a big deal and a nice peace-of-mind for any potential buyer.

    I have it up on eBay and once it gets bid on, I will honor the sale.

    If you want it, $900 for ONLY the camera/charger. No eBay/Internet tax.

    Please message me ASAP if you're interested. Thank you.
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