Hey, I've finished making One Little Remotes and am selling my beloved Micro so I can update my computer (so I can grade BRAW from my Pocket 4k).

The price is $2200AUD for the following:

1 x camera
1 x One Little Remote V4
1 x NPF Bridge
1 x Switt 6.6wh battery with DC out
1 x iKan 35 monitor (edge of image issue - see pictures)
1 x adjustable monitor arm
1 x black magic ursa mini handle with strap
1 x small rig camera cage
1 x hdmi cable
1 x custom dc cable to power iKan monitor from switt battery
2 x power supplies
1 x lp6 battery
1 x 25mm Lumix 1.7mm lens (has a few marks on glass that don't affect image quality)

Camera is in good working order. This is a complete working rig. Price does not include shipping. Will ship world wide but you are responsible for any customs fees or tarrifs if they apply.