Thread: Using a SmallHD 5.5" OLED on the Ursa Mini/Mini Pro

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  1. #1 Using a SmallHD 5.5" OLED on the Ursa Mini/Mini Pro 
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    Hi Folks. I don't have an URSA EVF but recently purchased a SmallHD 5.5 OLED SDI monitor. I'd like to mount it on the URSA Mini Pro such that I can put the UMP on my shoulder and comfortably view the SmallHD monitor without it smack close to my face. How did you set-up your monitor for shoulder rig configuration? Thanks.
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    On a swivel arm, the same way you setup an EVF like the Zacuto Gratical. Smallrig, Zacuto and Wooden Camera all make this setup.
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