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    Hi everyone
    I normally shoot with or without a lot to give me as much dynamic range as possible

    We are filming a conference and out putting short videos very very quickly and I know a lot is pretty quick but time is of an essence. Is there anyway to shoot with saturated colours or broadcast quality for the lack of better word so no colour corrections required for the quick turnaround videos

    Conferences tomorrow morning so please the quick response would be greatly appreciated
    Jawad Mir

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    RED Weapon // 2 x Black Magic URSA Mini 4.6K; Canon Cine Lenses / DJI Phantom 4 Pro
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    Read the manual. The ‘video’ setting is similar to the REC 709 color standard for high definition video. This lets you work faster by recording directly to the compressed video formats in a color space suitable for direct delivery or minimal post processing.
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    With the new update, you can also shoot both cameras in Extended Video mode, which will give you a little better color saturation and better highlight roll off.
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