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    Quote Originally Posted by kgimedia View Post
    I understand this is all anecdotal but I own dozens of BlackMagic products. I would place their customer service second to only Apple in how well they help resolve any issues. This is to say Iíve been genuinely shocked at how good they are. I guess mileage may vary.
    Just like restaurants, I just always remind myself "how often do people go out of their way to voice when they've had a NORMAL customer service experience?"

    Outside of Apple, because Apple hardcore fans regularly need to stroke the Apple ego...
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    If you are in Europe, contact
    Camera will go to the UK. Usually they will arrange the shipping.
    Aleksandar Bogdanov
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpblack View Post
    I'm still waiting on their follow up, I was honestly just dumbfounded by the proposed process and was wondering if I had another option or if this is common practice from their customer support? If it was a weird or complex issue I'd understand and even appreciate their reply, but for a charging issue?

    In any case, I'll wait and see. Thanks again JB, didn't want to create any confusion, I was just trying to understand my options since I never had a similar experience with Blackmagic.

    I'm sorry, I misunderstood.

    I thought they were asking for video from the camera for a fault to do with external powering.

    What they want is you showing what's happening as you try to power the camera externally.

    I can understand them wanting to exhaust all options before you ship it to them. My first job was working in a photo camera store. People used to come in with broken cameras asking for them to be sent for a repair. The first thing I'd ask was "have you changed the batteries?" and I'd start changing the battery from the floor stock. They's answer, "YES I tried that it's still not working". As a game I would try and have the battery changed by the time they said YES and about 70% of the time I'd hand them the camera now working.

    There were seemingly hundreds of posts here when the first Ursa were shipped because people "lost" the status info on their screens and couldn't get it back.

    The reason it's egregious is that you asked for an RMA, packed it up and then left for another country before going through the RMA process. I'm sure it's frustrating for you.

    Have you tried explaining that it would be difficult for you to supply the video ? Have they refused to accept it ?

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    Thanks for everyone's input, just wanted to share an update to my situation.

    So, apart from the original strange request for a video, everything else went exceptionally well, and Blackmagic was very helpful and acted very fast in order to make this right. They payed for overnight shipping to the UK with DHL and sent a replacement camera after confirming the problem 2 days later.

    Being a longtime Blackmagic fan, this makes me very happy since as most people are aware, having a trusted customer service can go a long way when choosing a camera.

    And thank you JB for your input. I understand that they have to exhaust their options, and me finding out about the problem 1 day before I leave for a longterm project to another continent wasn't Blackmagic's fault. Btw, I didn't even have time to request an RMA before I leave, I just packed it and left it there in order to be shipped, I had to go through the RMA process while already in the US.

    The problem is that when I'm asking for a return after having explained the issue in my original e-mail -where I described literally everything there was to describe since I had already tried any possible combination of different lp-e6 batteries (genuine, not genuine, and even a newer genuine lp-e6n), external power solutions (wall charger, usb-c, v-mount, etc), or even tried the different continent plugs with adapters just in case, and there was no reaction of the camera- I expected it to be pretty clear, the camera was working with lp-e6 batteries but wasn't reacting in any other form of external power. To be honest, after having this unpleasant incident and explaining clearly the problem, to be requested with a video showing absolutely nothing (as I explained to them there was just no reaction from the camera), felt a bit like an automated reply instead of someone who has actually read your e-mail, and since I was on a busy schedule I didn't have time to waste in any kind of back and forth conversation, just wanted to go through the RMA process and be done with it.

    In any case, thankfully after explaining why I can't make a video and that the camera is ready to be shipped, everything went better than expected and the new camera is now waiting for me back home, let's hope this one is a keeper
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