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    Hello guys,

    I am doint an interview with a zoom H6 as a mic. But was thinking about recording it into the Ursa mini pro. So I dont have to sync the audio up in post. But the zoom h6 only seems to have 3,5mm jack out? Is that correct. So I will need to buy a 3,5mm jack to xlr. The same for the pocket 4K (3,5mm jack to mini xlr) What about the quality? Will the quality be as good as recording internally on the zoom H6 better/worse?

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    I think the H6 has a headphone output and separate mini-jack line out. I imagine there won’t be much difference between the internal Zoom recording and a line-out version to the camera, if levels are the same. An extra cable and gain stage might risk extra noise.

    As always, room acoustics and proximity of the mic would be the main factors.

    I used to use an H5 and it was fine, but noisy beyond a certain input gain. In that case, better to record a lower signal and boost later.
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