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    Hi guys, Matteo here. Just wanted to share with all of you something that I've been working on for a very long time, together with a local 600 DIT here in Los Angeles.
    We just released the Cinematographer LUTs Collection for the BMPCC4K, Ursa Mini Pro and GH5/GH5S. The collection includes a Natural Rec709 which serves as conversion LUT for your LOG footage and 4 creative LUTs to stylized your clips.
    I've always been very disappointed with the Extended Video LUT, in particular the one for the BMPCC4K. Skin tones were brown, highlights roll off extremely harsh, very desaturated green and over all a red tint to the entire image. That's why we spent the past two months creating this LUT and so far the feedback have been amazing. If you guys wanna give it a try here is the link to the LUTs page:

    Again, these are not some orange and teal LUTs made by a random videographer, but the mind behind them creates LUTs for the best commercial DP in the world. It was actually an amazing experience sitting down with him in front of two Flanders Scientific DM250 and making these LUTs.

    Please let me know what you think and if you need any info send me an email at

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    These are definitely good looking LUTs.

    I'm not much of a LUT guy, but these do look good.
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    I've used this LUT on my BMPCC4K and in Resolve, and the 709 Natural LUT make the camera look great in those greens that really are lacking with this camera. It's something I intend to keep on at all times, it just really solves a lot of the camera's color quirks. As well as looking super ultra natural and more Alexa-like than any other LUT I've tried....
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    Anyone test with the UMP? I'm curious to see more samples before I buy.
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    Ok, I've bought it and works really great with the Pocket 4K. Colors and rolloff feel now very alexa like.

    Any chance to get a discount if I get the GH5s too?
    Álex Montoya on Vimeo
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