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    RED and Kinefinity provides a trade-in or upgrade program for their cameras. At the phase of new models coming out these days, that seem like a reasonable business model for the companies and continues to keep loyal customers. Should BMD follow such a model? After all those who just bought an URSA UMP G1 in the last few months are looking at a G2 model.
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    I think they should especially if they cant bring all flavours of BRaw to cameras that they currently sell and there is problem with compress cDNG that make it potentially illegal.
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    It may not make business sense for them to do that at the price point of the UMP. They will potentially be loosing $$ with all the work it will be to do that. Would be cool...i certainly would probably do it if they offered...but I guess we can do somewhat the same thing by selling our G1 and upgrading. But that's a bit more hassle sometimes.

    Compressed Dng in the other cameras aren't going anywhere. BMD didn't promise Braw to the older cams ,they said they'd look into it. We didn't buy those cameras with Braw in mind. We bought it for what it had in there already.
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    BMD is still selling cameras with compressed cDNG AFTER they were told there is patent issue to drop it. That is the difference now than when they first advertise their cameras 3 or 4 years ago. Unless there is plans to replace cDNG with BRaw for these cameras they still sell/support there will be pressure to remove cDNG and in that scenario offering an upgrade would be reasonable.
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