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    As has been discussed many times, the camera on that mad max rig is the original Bmcc 2.5k, same class of sensor as original pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeranSimpson View Post
    I spent some time with stills from the two cameras. The color science and gamma curve on the Pocket is much different than the UMP. It suffers from the same kind of greenish tint that the previous pocket sensor did. I roughly matched the two cameras, but it was actually pretty moderate in difficulty and the typical consumer will not be able to do it.

    I predict this is why the Pocket looks more video-ish to you. Straight out of camera the UMP needs much less correction to balance the image and apply a cinematic grade. The UMP is far superior in color science and this would be a no-brainer for me in picking it over the Pocket.
    How did you compare the color science of two not identical and non-normalized log clips? After downloading your stills and doing some very basic cc, you can see plainly that the light in the UMP shot is quite different. If that were eliminated, I doubt anyone could tell them apart.


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