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    I've been reading up on the Tokina Cinema 11-20mm T2.9 Lens (MFT Mount). Seems like the perfect cinema lens for my needs. But one thing I don't totally understand ...

    It come in MFT mount, so with the Pocket 4K it would basically be like have a 22-40mm on a full frame DSLR camera (the 35mm equivalent,right?).

    But this lens also comes in EF mount, which is tempting since I already have so many EF lenses + Metabones Speedbooster (0.71x). So, this lens on the Pocket 4K + Speedbooster 0.71x will give me what focal length? I want to say 16-28mm ... but I don't trust my math.
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    Your math is right. I calculated for horizontal FoV and got an equivalent FoV of 21-38mm on Full Frame. With the booster it'd be like using a 15-27mm on FF.

    There's also the Sigma 18-35, which I personally would find a bit more useful with the focal lengths both with and without the booster. It's also a stop brighter than the Tokina. 18-35 on MFT would be equivalent to 34-67mm FoV on FF35. With a booster it'd be like a 13-25mm on MFT. Equivalent to 25-48mm FoV on FF35.

    For any lens that's designed to cover larger than MFT, I would always go with the native lens mount and get a speedbooster and a regular adapter. Because buying it in MFT locks you out of that ability. And it also locks you out of the ability from using it on a larger sensor camera in the future, should you ever need to do that. Also, resale value. The EF mount is going to be more useful to more people, so should you ever want to part with it, the EF is going to be a smarter purchase.
    Aaron Lochert
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    Hey, I have Tokina Cine 11-20 T2.9 EF (with SB .71x on Pocket) for a month and it became my favorite lens. I am wide angle guy, so it was obvious choice for me. It is my first cine lens and I love it. I had to tweak rotation of inner element of Metabones Speedbooster to take advantage of parfocal design of the lens though.

    NDs needs to be considered. It has 86mm filter thread but my Sigma UV filter cannot be used since it blocks movement of zoom. Tokina has their NDs but I went with NiSi 4x4 filters.
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