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    Quote Originally Posted by dermot shane View Post
    and then go back through the show looking for any mattes, windows, tracks etc, they will shift when the raster changes, some might not be noticable, but some may be
    and then check scaleing
    then export
    Thanks Dermot. What do you mean "check scaling"?
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    just make sure the frameing on shots that have been re-framed did not shift about too much when you changed the project raster... or edges of re-framed shots are out of blanking
    just some thing i would check and check again...

    typicaly i set the timeline to the largest raster that will let me create the deliverables with least hassle.. so for something with both 2k DCiScope and HD 16x9 letterboxed deliverables i would:
    set my timeline to 2k 16x9, turn on DCi Scope blanking and grade with that,
    save a 16x9 master timeline, and then clone it, name it 2kScope
    then set the project to DCiScope@2k, remove the blanking and export DCi_2k_Scope deliverable submaster
    then re-set project to HD, open the 16x9 timeline that still has blanking, and export HD_Letterboxed delvierable submaster
    then re-set project to 16x9 2k , remove blanking and export a color timed master for archive

    this is 1000x easier in v16 as it has timeline raster independant of project raster
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    Quote Originally Posted by david evans View Post
    Guys, just one more question. My timeline is in 1920x800 (2:39) and I want Resolve to export a 2k DCI Scope DCP. Do I need to change the timeline settings to 2048x858?

    Never something I would do AFTER an edit. Thats why I use the scope overlays (of the PCC4k) to check framing during production. Then create the 2:39 timeline and then start your edit.
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