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    Best profile picture settings in an a7s 2 to match a pocket 4k in film mode?
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    You can go the ACES or Resolve Color Management route, but then you would have to find out which color spaces and gamma's are supported. REC709 is definitly supported, but that is maybe not the ideal setting to shoot in. I guess with Sony the Slog profile would be nice, but I am not sure if your camera supports that out of the box.

    Other method would be to shoot as flat as your codec will let you shoot and see if it holds up in colorgrading and then match it by eye. Which I think would not be too diffcult.
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    I would think the better route would be to match the P4k to the Sony. Common consensus is that it is a Sony sensor, so shouldn't be much different, but will have more room to push around with better codecs.
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    I believe the A7sii and A7rii have similar color science. I recently used my a7rii and P4k on a talking head shoot and was fine with the matching results. I used Slog2 S-gamut on the A7rii and film mode on the P4k. I used luts to convert the footage and ballpark the look I was going for. I have found the C-Log3 to REC709 to work extremely well with the P4k. Then I used the Slog2 S-gamut to rec709 on the a7rii. I then picked two creative luts from the pack. CCF-Haskela for the A7rii and CCF-Hadar for the P4k both are similar looks and seemed to match the two cameras better than the same lut on both. Then I adjusted levels, and pulled some green out of the P4k footage. Wouldn't say 100% match, but close enough IMO for most stuff and it didn't take much time to match. I am not sure how well it would work if you have a lot of tungsten in your scene. I feel like the sony handles tungsten quite differently. A007_12121038_C004.00_14_46_16.Still005.jpgA007_12121038_C004.00_14_46_16.Still006.jpg
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    I got very good matching by shooting a color chart both with an A7RII and a UM46P and doing the matching with the chart function in 3D LUT Creator.
    It got rid of the greenish tendency in skin tones from the Sony quite well.
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