Thread: Why don't we see BlackMagic cameras used in big festivals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Crabtree View Post
    The Mini Pro is a great camera. Very reliable, great picture. Had Dragons, Mini Pro sleighed them. End of story.
    I think URSA owners will agree with your assessment but that's not the end of the story. The story ends when your client or a producer comes to you and says "Hey Mark, I want it shot using an URSA Mini Pro."
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Brawley View Post
    You sound like someone that doesn't or hasn't owned a UMP ?
    ...and never shot an Alexa
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    I think with the Pocket4k and G2 you will see BM move into greater marketing.

    BM had to move through the development cycle to really reliable cameras that tick all the boxes.

    2012 the BMCC dropped and it gave a phenomenal image, no matter any other imagined failings; to 2018, the amazing 4kpocket and UMP. Resolve lurched forward from "how do I import media" to a fully workable NLE.

    During this time BM listened and asked is this forum and others and every time you downloaded Resolve; "What can we improve?"

    First you have to have a reliable product in the hands of the correct public (experienced camera ops, DPs and those who came of age during the development cycle) who have a favorable opinion. And a broad base of users doing day to day commercial work, because that is where the money is if you want to have your company survive. And if your are really smart an eco system that is "good enough."

    "Those who have come of age" are the next "DPs".

    It has been 7 years, really 6 as the BMCC wasn't readily available until 2013.

    How many BM cameras are out in circulation working daily compared to all flavors of Red, Arri, Sony, Panasonic, Canon etc. ?

    Its business model. Passion, viable market, fill the need. Word of mouth visibility and recognition follow; with the "real deal" P4k and UMP, then and only then can you flip the $$$ switch; but never forget where you came from.

    The owner of the this forum had the passion, Oakley deep pockets, optics science and public relations marketing position to promise 4k for 4k vaporware. Vaporware or not they moved the world and in 2007 digital became a thing... but it took 8+- years to get there.

    Hats Off to Jannard, Land and RED.

    And Hats Off to Grant and Blackmagic for seeing "the promise", market and opportunity to use their electronics experience to bring digital cinema cameras to Joe working professional.
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    This is Jarred Land’s forum. Landmine media and dvxuser predate Red by more than a few years. I’m pretty sure Reduser was Jarred’s path to his current seat at Red.
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    I was just watching Free Solo a few days back and they had an ursa mini for the main camera on the ground following Alex Honnold as he climbed up El Capitan. I am not sure how much was Blackmagic beyond that I know there were quite a few canons rigged along the route. They produce great images, but they all have quirks. I had all of the original Blackmagic cams (BMCC, BMPCC, a couple BMPC 4k), and now I have the P4k. Some of BMPC 4k sometimes had weird FPN, the BMCC had the blackhole sun, the pocket had the battery issues, the P4k had the weird ssd issues, most have the IR pollution issue etc. No one wants to learn the shortcomings of these indie cameras to save a couple hundred bucks on rentals. I felt that even my GH5 was a more reliable camera and it played well with RED and felt more comfortable using it as a B Cam than the P4k. For me I will take something I have more faith in reliability wise over something that delivers a great picture at a great value. I still don't go on a shoot with only the P4k as my only camera, I always bring my my a7rii as a backup. Even still I think they are great cameras for what they are. The new BRAW update is my favorite feature out of everything on the Pocket. But for the most part everyone has a friend who has an FS7 or Red and knows where to rent an Arri. When it is a shoot that is of significance, I am going to look for the Red or the FS7 because in my mind those are more reliable and better cameras. I might use my Blackmagic to get broll or as a B-Cam, but I don't think Blackmagic is doing themselves any favors releasing cameras that aren't completely solid to begin with and have their userbase waiting months for new firmware so address the issues they are having. I think their biggest hold up from people beyond the Blackmagic circle using them on big productions is just proving they are the reliable camera that can work on any production. I do quite a bit of A/V work also and Blackmagic stuff is not thought of highly. We use 15 of the atem television switchers on conventions and have tons of converters and da's, but we use the Decimators over the Blackmagic converters whenever possible. The Blackmagic DA's have issues reclocking as well as other companies, I've had them fail when units from companies like AJA or Decimator never have an issue etc. So far the most reliable thing of Blackmagic I have used is the Blackmagic Atem Television Studio HD, but I always have a spare ready to go incase something happens. My biggest reason I have faith in the Television Studio HD is that they had a company that wasn't Blackmagic ensure the software and device had the same reliability specs as required by the FAA for an airplane computer. I think Blackmagic has built that reputation for themselves across multiple industries as the almost there company. And won't be able break that mindset until they start getting things right from the release date. And until they do that everyone is going to want well known reliable option. But that is just my opinion.
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