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    I realize that the BRAW is still new, but if anyone has time and is willing to put the Pocket 4K through some Low, Mid, and High Moire tests it'd be greatly appreciated.

    I love my 2.5k and the Mosaic OLPF was a huge deal for me.

    Wondering if the slight softening of BRAW alleviates any moire. Or if I should wait for an OLPF.

    TIA, much appreciated.
    Steve Lee Jean
    Busan, South Korea + Los Angeles, CA
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    There's hardly any moire on the pocket 4k to begin with. No olpf required I'd say.
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    I never came across any moire with DNG so would be surprised to see it in BRAW
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    4K is far less prone to moiré than 2.5K, since it is getting closer to the resolution limits of most lenses.
    That said, I could easily provoke moiré on our UM46P with a Zeiss and a test pattern. Yes, even in Braw!

    This is the Braw without an OLPF:

    I bought a Rawlite OLPF and love it.
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