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  1. #1 "MY NAME IS NAWANG" filmed on Pocket 4K 
    "Happiness is not a matter of chance.
    I am happy, because I have chosen to be".

    That's Nawang.

    A way of life. A powerful message of reconciliation and hope.
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    Fillippo, Thanks for sharing this. Love the story and how it's made. Congratulations on such nice work.
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    That was one of the best ones I've seen on the site.
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    Thanks for your comments, guys!
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    Awesome work

    follow me on instagram @lightformfilm
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    So Fillippo, we really like your film. The lights are impressive. In my case it's the first I've heard of them. The BTS's covered them quite well.

    But I'd like to learn more… Could you take us deeper into the camera work in making the film. The glass you used and the different ways you rigged the camera. What worked and didn't work. How about power? Assuming you ran completely separate sound. That sort of thing.

    Thanks again.
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    Beautiful piece.

    Cameras: Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Pocket Camera (x2), Panasonic GH2 (x2), Sony RX100 ii, Canon 6D, Canon T2i,
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    at there is a good making-of video. In there you can see one of the lenses (I couldn’t identify) and how the lights have been set up.

    Nice work and good message. Mr. Nawang is right. Daily exercise in the art of forgiveness, awareness, and compassion sets one free. Then it is possible to make that choice.
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