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  1. #1 DCP 5.1 Audio Issues (need help with fairlight settings) 
    Hey there!
    So I attempted to make my first DCP using Resolve (15.2.3).
    My file is a ProRes file with 8 channels of audio (5.1 + Stereo)
    I set the Bus Format to Main 1 (5.1) in Fairlight,

    Then in Delivery/Audio I set my output to 5.1

    Exported and tested it on my stereo system and the report said it was 5.1...
    BUT when I brought it to the theatre today to check it the visuals looked great but audio was only coming out of the center channel.

    Does anyone know what I did wrong?
    Should I have in Delivery/Audio created six separate Main 1 (5.1) tracks like this:

    Or did I need to assign something different in the Bus assign (which I didn't touch at all the first time)
    I need to figure this out ASAP as my film will be screening for a week starting Friday and I need to QC the DCP at the theatre before then.

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    best bet is to;
    export video 2pop -> 2 pop
    export each audio channel 2pop->2pop
    import all audio + video into DCP-o-Matic
    check for same run time
    add a 48frame offset to all media at the head and tail
    map audio simply and accuratly
    hit render

    Resolve's audio mapping is a massive trainwreck, and you are far from the first person to get caught.. if oyu have time to test test test and test some more, and then have the same setting create a diffrent resualt, and keep going untill you render a winner.. then yea doing a DCP in Resolve makes sense

    otherwise just use a reliable software and move on
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    Thanks for the quick reply Dermot,
    Not sure what you mean by 2pop.

    Also I should probably note that this film wasn't edited or compiled in Resolve.
    I simply put my ProRes (8ch) file into Resolve in order to take advantage of the DCP authoring that it has built into 15.

    I did try and drop my ProRes into DCP-o-Matic (DOM) and assigned the channels and while it worked when you A/B the image to what Resolves image looks like there is no comparison Resolves image is far superior.
    So now I am doing a test using the audio from the DOM DCP package and the Video from the Resolve package and recompiling that using again DOM.

    There has to be a better or correct way however.
    I am sure I am just not setting the output channels in Resolve up correctly or something.
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    seems to be something wrong in the settings in DCP-0-matic then, it's transparent, zero diff between them if done correctly, i have alot of flims running on DCP's ive made in DCP--0-matic

    the audio mapping in Resolve is world class bad, it's not you, it's them....
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