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    Looking to sell this amazing little camera hopefully as a full package.

    Looking for interest, not sure on the price yet but will update the ad with price and pictures soon.

    Package comes with.
    1x BMMCC Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera (mint condition with only slight markings from 1/4 - 20 screws)
    1x Small Rig BMMCC cage (mint condition, the camera has been in this cage since day 1)
    1x SmallHD Dp4 monitor (some markings but nothing that effects use) Also comes with accessories like sunshade etc.
    1x Monitor mount to cold shoe
    1x small rig cold shoe (some damage as I widened the hole to fit a bigger screw)
    1x One Little remote v3 (the one with composite out, DC plug, Lanc plug and a silver knob)
    1x Andoer 12v step up plate for sony NP-F970 batteries (mounted via a smallrig cheese plate to the rear of the cage)
    1x Camvate side handgrip (right side)
    1x Black Magic MFT mount cap
    1x Power cable (from 12v plate's 7.4 output to monitor)
    1x Right angle dc adaptor (into the one little remote)
    1x Angled HDMI cable
    1x Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera box and included accessories (wall adaptor etc)
    1x Smallrig foot (to attach a speedbooster to the cage)
    Slap on a lens, battery, some media and your good to start shooting.

    Still a fantastic little s16 camera, in this configuration it can be built out like a mini red camera, the sony np-f plate allows approximately 4+ hours running both the camera and the monitor simultaneously or use the LP-E6 for 1 hour and 30 minute battery life.
    You can't get 60p raw anywhere else like the original fairchild sensor that's in this camera and I've taken all the steps to remove it's downsides and let the rig get out of your way.

    Items are located in Australia but they can be posted internationally at the cost of the buyer (probably worth the shipping insurance too)

    An example of what this little camera is still capable of!
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