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    I've been running 8sinn halfcage and having the nato rail built in is genius on smallrig's part. I wish smallrig put a little more effort into design for price point as some have said is quite leggo blocky. I agree that handling the pocket is like handling a potatoe on the grip side. Its quite awkward with small hands because of the width on the right side and angle. Id say if anything a full cage would be beneficial if you were to put on a hand strap like the old camcorder ones for a more secure and comfy grip for the right hand, less so for gripping but more so for safety and support. Kinda like the strap that comes with the ursa handle. Other than that half cage works perfectly fine.
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    I have the Smallrig full, and I'm probably going to switch to the half. After a couple of months of use, i have nothing mounted on the right, and the extra clearance and weight savings of the half cage would be a meaningful benefit when mounting to a gimbal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanite View Post
    Yeah the nato rail built in is the real draw for me and although I'd like the peace of mind of a full cage I don't think I'll enjoy the feel of the full cage.

    The 8sin does look to have a really good fit and aesthetic but the smallrig is just so much cheaper i can't pass that up haha.

    Does anyone know if the half cage still allows enough off centre mounting for a gimbal and if the additional weight to the left side becomes a balancing issue? At the moment I have a glidecam which pairs super well with the rear 5 inch monitor but eventually I'll grab a gimbal.

    As for attaching things I think I'll run a half cage, with smallrig nato quick release monitor mount and some sort of feelworld monitor (I'm hoping they come out with a 5inch ultra bright soon). Not too much but enough to add a good weight with lens OIS for handheld and something that can be packed away quickly if it rains or there's nothing interesting to shoot. Then for things more substantial than hobby work I'd probably run some rails and clamp everything off the rails.
    I'm using the second body on a Ronin S. Similar to your thoughts I had hoped to use the half cage for this. But it didn't work out that way, at least not yet. For the most part I use Veydra's. They're a little on the heavy side. I struggled with the left side of the setup, looking from the back, being to heavy. I've used the full cage to add counter balances on the right side of the cage.

    I'm waiting for delivery of another set of counterweights along with a clamp that adds the weights to the gimbal arm rather than the camera cage. Not a perfect solution really. The center of effort on any stabilizer wants to be located as close to center as possible. But it does work for the simple stuff which is 90% of what I'm doing. The 360 rolls will have to wait.

    As to off center mounting I think both cages equally allow for that. The hole patterns are identical on the bottom. I've mounted the slider plate as far as the bottom will allow to offset the camera left to move it away from the gimbal arm and motors. I'm leaving about 1/8" of clearance.
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    I have the SmallRig half cage for the P4K. I like that it's not as bulky/heavy as the full cage, and that it allows you to easily grip the P4K grip.
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