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    I don't remember when I first bought my Gossen Luna Pro meter (I think it was in the early 70's) but I have been using it to date. I am so use to it that I can get it to measure with accuracy in a split of seconds. The new Sekonics are full of electronics and super cool yet I cannot find a reason to change. Deakin still uses his on set this days, or at least I heard. Besides old tech, if you own a Luna Pro, do you still like using it or a new digital light meter replaces it?
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    I had a decent old model digital Sekonic with both spot and ambient readings but I sold it a while back. It just seemed like a bit overkill for my needs now (One man band). Now I use a phone app to get me in the ballpark and fine tune once the camera is up using false color and/or waveform.
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