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    Hello guys,

    I just unpacked my dji ronin S, and I balanced my blackmagic pocket 4K on it. But I am having problems at keeping the camera level, If I try to lower the camera to the front, the camera with it lens first will point at the floor instead of leveling. Also when I tilt the camera backwards the camera moves up aiming at the ceiling. I want the dji ronin s to keep my camera level, and only when I crank it at +35% I want it to move up or down. What am I doing wrong. (never had this with my DJI ronin, it was automatically leveling the camera)

    What are the best settings?

    For example I have seen guys moving their crane 5cm close to the ground and the camera was level. When I move my dji ronin S close to the floor, the camera is shooting into the floor and not straight ahead.*

    OK never mind I just found out about the trigger button

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