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    Is anybody facing any problems with their SSD recorder? I bought the original one from BMD because I wanted to have a certified recording solution for SSDs (and because it makes the camera longer and better to shoulder balance (more like an Amira).

    The main problem is: It works 95% of the time flawlessly. Whenever I test it, I can't reproduce the issue.
    But it happened to me three times (out of ~30) that the SSD recorder crashed the file system on the SSD on a shoot and the clips had to be restored with some data loss (always first 2-3 recorded clips and the last one).

    Whenever I try to test the issue, it works. I've used supported (and tried even fast but unsupported drives to provoke the issue) drives and everything seemed fine.

    The issue starts first with everything seeming fine while shooting for some time, the SSD is recognized and recording is ok. The SSD is mounted and blue, no issues on the status LEDs.
    I can only verify this once, but the battery died on the camera. New battery on, booting, SSD is mounted and everything seems fine. When trying to shoot, the rec dot goes out immediately and the camera can't record. When rebooting (which seems like the only thing that's left to do) the card shows up as 'format'.

    I remember the last time best:
    Recording DCI 4K
    On Transcend SSD370 (supported)
    Battery died, problem happened on reboot

    I can't verify for the last times wheter there was a power issue involved or not. The camera didn't die while recording, but in idle. The camera showed a mounted SSD after reboot (idling). The moment I try to record, the camera can't and shows format upon reboot.

    Has anybody had similar issues with the recorder?
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    I've not experienced any issues with mine yet at all. One quick question though - when you say the "SSD is mounted and blue, no issues on the status LEDs"...... what is blue? I've not seen blue from any status indicator and it doesn't say anything about blue in the manual. Do you mean it blinks green when you first put the SSD in?
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    Regarding blue: I meant that the SSD shows up as mounted in the middle lower section of the overlays on screen. In slot 2, as it is supposed to be.

    I have recently looked into the status LEDs and when the issues happen again I will look closer at the LEDs, but when the SSD you have been shooting onto shows format, there is hardly any extra attention left for status LEDs.
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