So a local production company gave me their BMPCC4K to shot this live session for a friend of a friend.
His project is called "a friend of mine" which makes this hilarious.

Any how. This was live and I was doing all the lighting and camera work on my own, so we only shot two angles. Which are these:

Stills für Social_1.9.1.POST.jpg
Stills für Social_1.25.1.POST.jpg
I got it on short notice and did not have time to test before so I set them both to ISO400 and used the BMPCC for the close up, cause I knew how to work with it.

I tried cropping on the wide, but learned that you really need a clean clean image for that. Anyhow!
I like the menus a lot on the B4K, but for pure the pure bang for buck ratio winner, if you have time to light your shots: og pocket. For 250 to 300 used with accessories this is a killer deal.
I shoot so much multi cam music sessions, I think I am gonna get another pocket...

Oh and... I have a hard time lighting wide shots. Still early in my lighting career. But the artist is happy!