Thread: Best ND for P4k as b cam for UMPro?

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  1. #1 Best ND for P4k as b cam for UMPro? 
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    Is there any consensus on this yet? Don't have the P4k yet, it will primarily on the ronin s, but occasionally might be proper b cam to the umpro, so would like things optically matched as close as possible. Thinking of 77mm in 2,4 and 6 stop strengths to match the internal options of the big cam, but would also like the option of adding one to the big camera on really sunny days, so not sure if it is best to go full irnd or or just straight nd plus the separate ir/uv filter.

    I've heard the the P4k doesn't need as much ir correction as the original pocket camera so might wait and see testing what I use already, but I don't have any 77mm to use on the rokinons, so it will need new filters anyway. Currently use standard tiffens along with the Hoya ir/uv but would sometimes see ir pollution when stacking Nd to get beyond 4 stops. The firecrest seem not badly priced when discounted at B&H, but haven't looked in a while and they didn't seem to be officially irnd even though they seem to work better than classic tiffen.

    Haven't seen many threads re filters even though we used to have huge threads for the original pocket. So hoping it isn't as much of an issue, I think I read that some of the early samples just used tiffen nd, but don't know if that was standard or ir versions.
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    Solid ND Filter Shootout by Dave Dugdale
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