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    Use lights and balance. Look at architectural photos. It is a science and has an exact look. Here is a Silicon Valley go to. She does photos only, this is the look. "Architectural Digest." Think rules of painting.

    You can shoot well lit stills and dolly in, out and side ways in post rather than use a slider. Less equipment and set up. Time is better spent on nailing lighting and thinking the shots through so your reflection is not visible. You need to be sharp so you need to light and close down if shooting ff or s35.

    My son shoots for builders in Argentina. He does 6 to 8 promotion videos a year typically for condo towers. Drone shots are mandatory. For traveling shots rather than dealing with the Ronin they will just use the drone gimbal hand held.

    I am designer/project manager. When I am forced to I do my own photography but am really too busy with designing and execution. I have my son fly in to take our photos. I line up 20 houses. He will do 2, sometimes 3 a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmad View Post
    Are you guys getting paid well for this kind of work? I've been asked to quote a few of these projects but my quotes were too high. They both ended up using a kid with a drone and paying $250.
    Real estate videos much like weddings. Its cool and looks great! But don't want to pay! Mark my words...I live in the fastest growing city in america and you might make money on a multi million dollar home.But even that is minimal!
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