Thread: P4K: EF adapter with working focus/aperture control?

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    I know that neither the Metabones SPeedbooster nor the Vlitrox knock-off can currently control EF lenses, but is there any adapter that can? Doesn't need to be a focal reducer.
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    None that I tried works with autofocus. I wrote to Viltrox support and they told me they are working on a firmware update for the EM-M1 and EF-M2 adapters that will enable autofocus, but no ETA yet since it seems it's very difficult to code.
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    My Speedbooster Ultra is able to control aperture on my EF lenses. Only issue is that it changes aperture on my Tokina 28-70mm only when the lens is set to 28mm, but works perfectly with the Sigma Art 18-35mm.

    There may be a firmware update in the future that will allow autofocus control to work.
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