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  1. #1 Switching From Mac to PC 
    Can't pay Mac anymore to work 4K with davinci Mac is ridiculous expensive
    So I have to switch, mine budget is tiny

    I want to build a PC with
    CPU Ryzen 2700x
    GPU Asus rog strix OC 1070 (which I already have )
    32 RAM

    Will this be good enough to work 4K with davinci ??
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    That is more than enough for light to moderate projects. To put it in perspective I have a 6800K overclocked to 4ghz with a 6GB card, 16GB RAM from 3 years ago at home and even that does fine with 4K raw. You will experience slowdowns on most systems though when you get into heavy grading on a feature with 1-2 thousand cuts.
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    That’s a solid build.

    If you can wait a few months AMD is going to release their Ryzen 3000 line, and the Ryzen 3700 CPU is rumored to be a 12 core CPU.
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    Make sure your cache are on SSD. I have mine as SSD for OS and software, 2 x SSD RAID 0 for Resolve cache, and 7200RPM Barracudas on RAID 10 for data.
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    and there's Pcie5 showing up soon, so i'd look at any investment today as needing to see a return quickly, as in about 18 months you will be crying, esp if the new software gets AI coded in as it appears to be happening, there's no tensor cores on a 1070, and no need for 2070 today to do light duty UHD work.. i'd try to have it all paid off and be ready for more investment in about 18 months

    i'm prefering to build a warchest for when Pcie5 and AI become more than theory, but i already have more than enough horsepower to drive 4k transparently
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