Thread: Stuttering playback in davinci present in renders but not on playback of original?!?!

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  1. #1 Stuttering playback in davinci present in renders but not on playback of original?!?! 
    I cut trailers for a movie theater and because of this I do a lot of ripping blurays and sometimes dvd's. I rip them as mkv's straight off the disc with zero compression THEN repackage them as MP4 to edit with resolve.

    The issue is once importing the MP4 (This is literally every movie dvd, Bluray, UHD Bluray, all frame rates etc) there will BE random parts with crazy stuttering in playback within resolve (Tested on 3 different PC's all with 15.2.1. and earlier versions as well.

    These frame drops are 100 percent consistent in their location and DO NOT appear in playback using ANY video player. Only within resolve does this happen.

    When I render these clips they render with the stuttering included!!!

    DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE what is going on? I have converted these mkv's to PRORES and it makes no difference to Davinci. I have used every conversion software under the sun (Most using FFMPEG) and get the exact same results.

    My main PC has a GTX1080TI, Ryzen 2700x and 64 GB of DDR4. The same results are on all the PC's I work across though.
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    Well it's not your hardware.

    If the frame drops remain in the exact same place, then the problem is somewhere in your rip or encode.
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