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    And also this great piece by the wonderful Phil Méheux BSC whom I was lucky enough to sit next to at the ASC Awards a couple of years ago.

    He also views that the phrase DP is senior to the term cinematographer.

    "One feels that the term should be reserved for cinematographers who have a wealth of experience as the criteria for BSC Full Membership states"

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeranSimpson View Post
    Personally I think it's only possible to credit yourself on-screen as a "cinematographer" if you are basically one-man-banding it. It's pretty pretentious to claim you are responsible for everything on the screen when there are probably half a dozen or so people in the camera department alone. Writers and producers are overseeing the story, DP coordinating with the director on the look of each shot while the director coordinates with the executive producers and show creators.

    Cinematography, to my understanding, is the study of creating narrative through moving pictures. You could argue that everyone in the crew is a cinematographer for a narrative piece.

    Videography is capturing something unscripted like a concert or an interview.
    Not necessarily true. You don't have to be one man banding to credit yourself as a cinematographer. You could be working with a team of people but if you are the main person operating the camera you can still be the cinematographer. The DoP involves in charge of multiple units that can involve mutiple camera operators.
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    You know what? After reading this I think I will also stop using DP/DoP and Cinematographer interchangeably.
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