tmronin, got the counterweight clamp with a couple more weights. My entire balance is working really well now. I can barrel roll without any jerky motion. It is so much better. Also the camera is not jammed as far to the right as it can go. A little breathing room.

The only drag is that SmallRig did not measure it right. It's such a tight fit going on the arm of the Ronin that it scratches the paint. Not so cool. They generally do a better job so I'm surprised.

Also got the bottom plate for the Ronin. I'm mounting the arm to that for now and it's allowed me to move the handle to the right. I don't think I've landed on a final solution yet but am getting there. I need to spend more time shooting and less rigging. IMG_8793.jpgIMG_8798.jpgIMG_8803.jpg